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Programa Pdf
Miércoles 6 de Marzo



8:00-9:00   Registration
9:00-9:45   Welcome
Session 1: Grain quality
Chairpersons: Roxana Savin, Patricia Giraldo
9:45-10:15    Invited keynote talk:

   Ignacio Romagosa, Lleida University, Spain: 

   Why did Roman gladiators eat barley? Barley, a healthy grain

10:15-10:30    Key note talk discussion
10:30-11:00    Coffe Break
11:00-12:00    Oral Communications
12:00-12:15    Open discussion on Grain quality communications
12:15-12:45    Carrousel of  Two-minutes poster presentation Session 1
Session 2: Yield and yield x quality interaction
Chairpersons: Sergio Atienza, Iker Aranjuelo
12:45-13:15     Invited keynote talk:

    Cristobal Uauy, John Innes centre, UK

     Unlocking the polypoid potential of wheat through genomics

13:15-13:30    Key note talk discussion
13:30-15:00    Lunch
15:00-16:00    Oral Communications
16:00-16:15    Open discussion on yield an yield x quality interactions
16:15-16:45    Carrousel of  Two-minutes poster presentation Session 2
16:45-17:15    Coffee Break
17:15: 18:30    Viewing/Discussing posters (Sessions 1 and 2)
19:00-21:00    Turistic Walk
21:00    Symposium dinner at «Real Circulo de la Amistad»


Jueves 7 de Marzo


Session 3: Biotic and abiotic stresses
                   Chairpersons: Ernesto Igartua, Josefina Sillero
9:00-9:30    Invited keynote talk:

   Valeria Terzi, CREA, Italy

    Priming cereals against environmental stresses

9:30-9:45    Key note talk discussion
9:45-10:35    Oral Communications
10:35-10:45    Open discussion on biotic and abiotic stresses
10:45-11:15    Coffee Break
11:15-11:45    Carrousel of  Two-minutes poster presentation Session 3
Session 4: Phenotyping and modelling
                     Chairpersons: Rosa Morcuende, Nieves Aparicio
11:45-12:15     Invited keynote talk:

   Jose L. Araus, Univeristy of Barcelona, Spain

    High throughput phenotyping and genetic gain

12:15-12:30    Key note talk discussion
12:30-13:30    Oral Communications
13:30-13:45    Open discussion on phenotyping and modelling
13:45-15:00    Lunch
15:00-15:30    Carrousel of  Two-minutes poster presentation Session 4
15:30-16:15    Viewing/Discussing posters (Sessions 3 and 4)
16:15-16:30    Conclusions and closing words